10 Fun Staycation Ideas When You Don’t Want To Travel

by Aug 12, 20210 comments

Did you know three out of four Americans are in debt due to vacation expenses? Why? Because folks feel like a fun vacation can only mean traveling around the world, sipping mai tais on a cruise, and blowing money like there’s no tomorrow.

Too many people take vacations way beyond their budget because they think it’s what they need. But what you need is relaxation, not the stress of racking up debt!

That’s why having a staycation is a budget-friendly alternative without worrying about maxing out your credit cards and accumulating unforeseen travel expenses. 

I know, I know. I used to think that staycations were whack, too. Then, I realized I could have just as much of a relaxing vacation if I just stayed in my city while also saving quite a bit of money.

You know your girl’s second favorite thing (after traveling, and shopping) is saving money! I just needed the right staycation ideas to fully enjoy them.

To help you out, here are my top 10 staycation ideas that will not only save you a few dollars but will also save you from the stress your day job brings you:

1. Game night

Gather a few friends and have a game night! A game of UNO or Monopoly might sound boring – that is until you and your friends start debating how a +4 card actually works.

2. Picnic

Your local park, or even your own backyard, may be the only getaway you need. Some good food, some good company, a bright sunny day, and voila, you have yourself an amazing staycation. 

3. Spa day

A mani-pedi, aromatherapy, a massage for everything? I know you are tired, sis, so give yourself the R&R you deserve. This is one of the best staycation ideas for if you’re really stressed out from work, family, and life in general.

Some suggestions to find great spa days deals would be Groupon or signing up for a monthly spa membership at Hand And Stone where you can get massages and facials at a discounted rate.

4. Wine tasting

Call up the girls, and tell them to bring their best bottles. A relaxing evening with your closest circle and some good wine could be all you really need.

5. Food trip!

If you’re like me, there are probably a few food joints around the city that you keep telling yourself to try, but never have the time or money to do so. Maybe it’s finally time to get to them? Set a date, course, and budget, and treat yourself to all the places you’ve been looking to taste test. Who knows? You might find yourself a new favorite.

6. Tour local landmarks

A lot of cities in the U.S. have historical sites or places to visit. You may not have had the time to check them out before, but you certainly would during your staycation.

7. Camping

This is a bit more “out there” than the other staycation ideas on this list. If you live in a more rural area, you might want to take advantage of that by taking a camping trip nearby. The feeling of roasting your own marshmallows over a campfire? Heavenly.

8. Closet clean-up

You might be thinking this is a ton of work, and it very well maybe, but the feeling of having an empty closet is just so rewarding. And you might be able to earn a bit of extra cash on the side by pawning off those old clothes, too.

You can sell your goods on Poshmark and Thredup and get some of your coins back and have a well-organized closet. 

9. A Good Book

Maybe the escape that you need is in the pages of a good book. Visit your local library or book store, pick out a title, and allow yourself to get pulled in by some great literature.

10. Nap

Sometimes the simplest staycation is the best one. Book an UberEats, stay in the bed all day, put on some Netflix, and just do you, boo!

Those are some of the best staycation ideas that I can give you. It’s up to you what you actually want to do with your days off, or if you want a staycation at all. But they’re there to let you know that staying in your city during your vacation can be all you need.

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