25 Of The Best Tips You Should Know About The Day After Christmas Sale

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In the United Kingdom, December 26th is all about giving to the poor. But in America, people look forward to the day after Christmas for the huge savings and discounts. Shopping during the day after Christmas sale can save you a ton of money.

However, that’s only the case if you’re smart with your money. To help you find the best deals, here are 25 things to know for your next day after Christmas sale: 

Find out if your favorite store has the day after Christmas sale

Planning on buying something from your favorite store post-Christmas? Talk to an employee and ask if they’re doing the day after Christmas sale or similar promo. If they do, then you might want to consider waiting until then.

If a store doesn’t have a day after Christmas sale, use other discounts!

If the store doesn’t have a day after Christmas sale, then you can resort to other discounts. Apps like Honey, Groupon, Rakuten, and Ibotta can help you see if you can get a discount on your purchase. 

Or even stack those discounts!

There are quite a few stores that allow you to stack discounts. Doing this at these stores can help you maximize your savings when shopping here! Not every store does this, though, so it pays to do your research first.

Plan what you’re going to buy during the day after Christmas sale

Make a list of what you want to buy during the day after Christmas sale and stick to it. Sales are notorious for getting you to spend more money than you have to. Don’t let them win!

Don’t let yourself go broke during the day after Christmas sale

Mind your budget during these sales. If you simply can’t afford something during the day after Christmas sale, then you shouldn’t be buying it at all. Remember: just because something is discounted doesn’t mean you should buy it. Spending $10 on a $20 jacket is still paying $10!

If you want to spend a bit more during the day after Christmas sale, then you can try cutting costs. Check out my article on Christmas savings to find out where you can save a bit of green.

Bring a loved one!

You can turn the day after Christmas sale into a family hangout or a girl’s night out. It’s the time of year to spend with your loved ones, after all!

Know your measurements (and be realistic)

Everybody gains a few pounds during the holidays, and you might too. If you’re going to buy clothes during the day after Christmas sale, then you should keep this in mind. You don’t want to buy a nice jacket online only to have to buy it again.

Remember: there’ll be other sales besides the day after Christmas sale

When buying during the day after Christmas sales, you have to remember that they’re not the only sales of the year. If you don’t need anything ASAP, you should consider skipping the day after Christmas sale. 

Day after Christmas sales can be online too

Amazon and some other retailers have some great post-Christmas and year-end deals that you can use. Check out your favorite online store and see if they do too! It’ll save you the time and the gas it takes to head to the store or mall.

Remember to use those gift cards!

You may have gotten a gift card for Christmas, and if you did, you might as well use it. Note that 3 billion dollars worth of gift cards go unused every year. You’re losing money by not using those gift cards!

Don’t let FOMO take over during the day after Christmas sale

You should only buy something if you really need it or plan to use it. It’s never a good practice to buy something because you’re afraid that it might sell out.

Subscribe to the newsletter

Some retail stores like to give discounts through a monthly newsletter. If you subscribe, you’ll be less likely to miss out on a good deal. Bonus tip, follow their social media pages too! Some stores like to give discounts to their followers as well.

Scout the grounds before the Day after Christmas Sale

Note that you won’t be the only person trying to save a buck by shopping during the day after Christmas sale. You’ll save yourself a lot of time and trouble by scouting out the store and finding out where everything is.

Remember to check if the store will be open on the day after Christmas

One time I was planning to buy this really nice pair of shoes, only for the store to be closed for the holidays on the day post-Christmas. Don’t make the same mistake I did!

Check your shopping list the night before the day after Christmas sale

It’s good practice to make sure that your list is complete before heading to a sale. Doing this ensures that you don’t forget anything and only if you subscribeYou’llmake one trip.

Five things you should buy during the day after Christmas Sale

Don’t know what to buy during the day after Christmas sale? Here are some of my picks:

Summer clothing

Year-end sales are a great time to buy off-season items. These are usually perfectly fine clothes that just aren’t fit for the weather. Tank tops, shorts, swimming clothes, and sun hats are likely to be discounted this time of year.

Belated Christmas Gifts

If you’re trying to catch up on that Christmas list, now is the perfect time for it. A lot of stores will have discounts on everything from toys to appliances. 

If you’d prefer to give your gifts on Christmas Day, then check out my blog post for gift savings tips.

Fitness Products

Most people make New Year’s resolutions to shed a few pounds. Retailers know this, so you can find a lot of fitness equipment discounted during this time of year.

Consumer electronics

Many electronics usually go on sale at a discount at the end of the year. Retailers typically do this to clear inventory for the next generation of products. If you don’t mind getting a last-gen yet still perfectly usable electronic device or appliance, now’s your time.

Your everyday needs

Just slipping in a friendly reminder that you shouldn’t skimp out on your needs just because it’s Christmas! Make sure that you’re buying all the essentials before spending on other things. 

That includes your holiday food budget too, sis. Check out my article on meal planning on a budget if you want to learn more.

Five things you shouldn’t buy during the day after Christmas Sale

Similarly, there are things that you shouldn’t be buying during this time of year. This includes, but isn’t limited to:

Christmas decorations

It doesn’t make sense at all to buy decorations to celebrate an event that happened literally the day before. Many stores will have these items on clearance to unload their inventory. Allocate that money elsewhere and move on, sis.


When you’re out shopping during the day after Christmas sale, you’re more tempted to spend on burgers and fries. This temptation can easily eat into your budget if you’re not careful.

Uber rides

Did you know that the few days post-Christmas are some of the busiest shopping days of the year? Uber drivers will be jacking up their prices during this period because they expect a significant number of riders. Unless you absolutely have to use an Uber, try using public transportation instead.

Gym memberships

Gyms tend to up their prices during specific periods of the year, like before or during the New Year. They do this because they anticipate people who resolved to work out. If you’re trying to register for a membership, the day after Christmas sale may not be the best time.

Repackaged clearance items

Many gifts get returned every year and end up on the clearance shelf. Like with electronics, clearance items can be a steal. But in others, like buying a jacket that passed quality control, you’d be buying an inferior product. Be sure to inspect the quality.

And those are 25 tips that will help you get the best deals during a sale on the day after Christmas. But if you want more helpful ideas, you should sign up to join my financial fam. As a member, you’ll get personal financial advice from me every week sent right to your phone! Signing up is free and will only take a minute, so sign up now!

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Carola Jain
1 month ago

Great information to consider following holiday sales and how you can save even more money in the future. Keeping costs low is key during this time of year, after all.