And that’s how the Stack That Rack Challenge was born.

I first created this challenge for myself, but over the years, I’ve shared this strategy with 100+ ambitious women who don’t have time to wait around. And just like I did, they’ve been able to save $1,000 in just 21 days, start eliminating their debt, and work towards their desired wealth.

Taking matters into my own hands, I created what I, a high-achieving professional woman of color, needed to hear about debt elimination and wealth generation.

You've likely already spent hours researching, trying to find an answer to help you save, eliminate your debt, and live burden-free. I know what it's like to feel frustrated by not being able to find any resources that resonate with your financial situation.

Years ago, I was also searching for an answer that would address my near-zero balance savings account and eliminate my overwhelming $169K debt. Nothing seemed to work because the advice was directed at a different demographic, a different income group, made me make uncompromisable sacrifices, or was just plain vague.

I was quickly approaching a financial situation where I desperately needed to see immediate results, so I decided enough was enough.

Ditch the unhelpful webinars, drop the books, and pause the podcasts — this is the money solution you've been searching for


If you save money, money will save you.

- LaNise

"I saved $500 in 21 days and eliminated unnecessary spending from my budget. The lessons I learned about saving money from this challenge were so valuable. "

- Niccole

"The challenge was just what I needed! I was able to develop accountability and discipline in saving money. Going through this challenge has helped me develop my long-term savings plan that will allow me to retire early and 'win' with money."

- Dominique

“I was able to save over $1,000 in 21 days and work on my budget. Also, my money mindset shifted as I realized that I was worthy of building wealth, regardless of my current income.”

Here’s what past clients said after taking the Stack That Rack Challenge

Although this challenge is only 21 days, it isn't a quick fix that will leave you where you started. I created this challenge with long-term prosperity in mind so you can make serious money moves.

Here's what you can expect to gain when you join the challenge:

Get that money, sis

  • Become well-versed in everyday, sustainable savings tips that will help you garner $1,000+ in less than one month
  • Learn how to increase your overall savings using my personal proven savings strategies that have helped hundreds of women from diverse financial backgrounds
  • Intentional action items, non-overwhelming resources, and applicable savings tips that will help you save at least $50/day immediately
  • Accountability for tracking your savings and accomplishing your wealth goals
  • Transformative money mindset shifts


Though personal accountability is crucial for wealth generation, being in a community of like-minded individuals who are also learning better savings habits is just as important! The group is a non-judgmental, safe environment to celebrate your financial breakthroughs, get advice during challenging moments, and receive the encouragement you need to succeed during the challenge.

Exclusive access to a private Facebook group

The Savings Workbook is one of the most powerful tools we use in the Stack That Rack Challenge because it puts our lessons into action. It includes a progress tracker, pro tips for saving, prompts for unlearning your limiting beliefs about wealth generation, and so much more. Past challenge members often say the Savings Workbook helped them make significant, long-term strides towards their money goals.

A digital savings workbook

These emails include sustainable savings tips and realistic strategies you can implement the day you join the challenge. My mission is to provide you with immediate, positive results.

Daily savings tips, delivered right to your inbox

When you join, you’ll receive…

To make sure you keep making amazing money moves after the challenge is over, you'll receive exclusive access to a masterclass session where I'll teach you how I paid off $169,000 in debt in 20 months. I'll also show you how to leverage your current income to eliminate your debt, increase your savings, and set yourself up for a successful retirement (and life!).

Masterclass training


The Stack That Rack Challenge will be most helpful to you if you are...

  • Committed to developing sustainable saving and spending habits that lead to you "win" with money
  • Struggling to create a better relationship with your finances
  • A professional woman of color who wants to break free from your scarcity mindset and unlearn your limiting beliefs about money
  • Willing to make small changes to reap significant benefits and achieve financial abundance
  • Wanting clarity about creating a savings plan that has the potential to lead to a seven-figure portfolio
  • Ready to eliminate dependency on your monthly paychecks
  • Feeling out of control with your cashflow
  • Tired of leveraging debt to fund your lifestyle 

Check out the results from these past Stack That Rack members

Meet your challenge mentor: Shaquana Watson-Harkness

Hi! I’m Shaquana, your Money Confidence Coach for the next 21 days. I’m a Financial and Wealth Literacy expert who’s worked in the industry for over 20 years.

Through individual coaching sessions, group coaching, challenges, and courses, I’ve helped hundreds of high-achieving women save hundreds of thousands of dollars. I hope I can help you change your money story next!

When I’m not coaching brilliant professionals, I love traveling, dining out with family and friends, and relaxing at home with my family.