Who Doesn’t Want Free Stuff On Their Birthday?

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Some people say that Birthday promos are just a way for businesses to get customers to their stores. While that may be true, who doesn’t want free stuff on your birthday? Here are 20 establishments you can visit to get free stuff (or at least a discount) on your birthday!

Food and Beverages

Birthday promos are incredibly popular in restaurants and food establishments. While many restaurants offer them, here are some of the biggest chains’ birthday promos:


They have the meats–and if it’s your birthday? A free small milkshake and curly fries, too! All you have to do is join their email list and order any sandwich!

Auntie Anne’s

If it’s your birthday and you have the Pretzel Perks app installed, you get a free pretzel! You just have to buy something worth $1 or more first.


Getting free stuff on your birthday feels fantastic, especially if it’s ice cream! When you join Baskin-Robbins’ Birthday Club, you get a free scoop!


Chick-fil-A’s birthday promo is only for people who have joined Chick-fil-A One! Once you’ve signed up, you get a special “birthday reward.” Can’t tell you what it is, though, since that’ll spoil the surprise!


Who doesn’t like chips and guac? When you join the Chipotle rewards program, you get a free order after making a purchase of $5 or more. 

While I know people love their Chipotle; sometimes you might just want to cook something at home on your special day. Here’s a list of some of the cheapest meals you can make!


What goes great with a cinnamon bun? Free coffee, of course! Join Club Cinnabon, and get a free iced coffee on your birthday. Don’t you just love free birthday stuff?

Krispy Kreme

If you love Krispy Kreme donuts, you’re in luck! Krispy Kreme Rewards members get a whole dozen Original Glazed donuts on their birthday. Donut eat them all in one sitting, though!

Olive Garden

So far, all of these establishments require you to sign up for something. Olive Garden keeps it simple! Just let the staff know it’s your birthday, provide proof, and get a free meal!

Red Lobster

Up for some seafood on your birthday? Red Lobster will give you a special gift when you dine in on your special day! Just make sure that you’re a member of their rewards program.


Are you a member of Starbucks’ Rewards program? Then you’re entitled to a birthday beverage or food item!


Sign up for the Subway MyWay Rewards program, and you’ll get something special from them on your birthday!


Maybe you’re not looking to treat yourself to a meal on your special day. How about some clothes? Here are a few stores that give you some free birthday stuff:


Maybe you need a few accessories to complete your outfit? Join the ALDO Crew to get a percentage off your purchase when you shop there on your birthday!


Shop at Columbia often? Sign up for their Greater Rewards program to get a birthday gift!

Want to know a few other ways to save money on clothes? Check out my article on how to shop for clothes on a budget!

Designer Shoe Warehouse

Great shoes for great prices! Join the free DSW VIP Club, and you’ll get a $5 birthday reward! While it’s not getting free stuff on your birthday, you’re still saving money on a nice pair of shoes.


If you’ve already joined JCPenney Reward and have earned points within the last 12 months, guess what? You’re entitled to a special birthday gift from them!


In addition to having personalized perks, Kohl’s will give you a special birthday gift when you join their rewards program!


Maybe you don’t need new clothes or a meal and are just looking to make your day a memorable one. Here are five places you can have a fun time on your birthday:

AMC Theatres

Is the next big blockbuster coming out on your birthday month? If it is, and you’re an AMC Stubs Insider, you’re entitled to a free large popcorn when you watch at AMC!

Harkins Theatres

Not a fan of popcorn? Harkins Theatres will give you a $5 coupon for their concessions on your birthday. You just have to join their My Harkins Rewards program.


Maybe you want a magical birthday at one of the best theme parks in the world. Disneyland will give you all sorts of goodies, like a gift basket and a button!

It can also be a great idea to take your child to Disneyland on their birthday! If you’re a mom on a budget, here are some additional tips you might find helpful.

Check your local stores!

This list is just for some of the biggest chains in America that offer free stuff on your birthday. Make sure to check your local stores, too. Some mom-and-pop shops can offer some very special birthday gifts!

But the best gift you can receive is the gift of knowledge–that’s why you should join my financial fam! You’ll receive personal finance tips and insider information from me. Occasionally, I’ll send freebies, and you have nothing to lose. I’m giving tips to increase your wealth! You don’t have to wait for your birthday to get special treatment in our financial fam. 

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