Choosing The Best Budget App For Couples: 8 Options + Tips!

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The people in the happiest and healthiest relationships are the ones that aren’t afraid to talk about money. Most couples who talk about their money at least once per week describe their relationship as extremely happy. If you don’t already, talk to your partner about your finances or even consider getting a budget app for couples!

Why do we need a budget app for couples?

A budget app for couples is exactly what it sounds like! It’s an app that couples use to track their shared expenses and progress towards financial goals. Having one will allow you and your partner to check on your finances anytime and anywhere.

Don’t already have one yet? Here are ten of the most popular budgeting apps for couples:

EveryDollar (Favorite Budget App For Couples!)

EveryDollar is a budget app for couples that I personally use and can vouch for. It’s financial genius Dave Ramsey’s very own budgeting app, which you can use to track all your expenses, including subscriptions!

The app is free on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. That being said, you may want to pay for special bonus features by getting Ramsey+. Some of these bonus features include syncing your bank accounts and being able to download your transactions as a spreadsheet.

Want to know more about Dave Ramsey? Check out my article breaking down his ideal budget plan!

2. Honeydue

Honeydue is an app specifically built for couples. Like any budget app for couples, it can track expenses, bills, and budgets. It’s great for couples because the app has a built-in chat feature. That means you get to talk to your partner about your finances directly through the app! Did I mention that it’s free on both major app stores?

3. Firstly

If you have a family, Firstly should be a budget app for couples to consider. Previously known as Honeyfi, Firstly is a budgeting app specifically targeted at families. Besides tracking household expenses, you can also set family savings goals and bill reminders. You can also use the app to teach your kids about saving money!

If you think this is the app you and your partner want to use, you can install it for free!

Speaking of saving money, check out my article on tips that every mom on a budget should know.

4. Mvelopes ( Newest Budget App For Couples! )

Have you ever heard of the cash envelopes system? It’s where you separate your spending money into an envelope so you won’t be tempted to dip into your savings. Mvelopes takes this idea without having to carry around an envelope full of cash!

This app is perfect if you need to be a little more strict with your grocery or leisure budget as a couple. The app is available on both major app stores for different subscription plans.

Never heard of the cash envelopes system? Here’s my article explaining the concept in detail.

5. Goodbudget

Don’t really feel like paying for Mvelopes? Goodbudget offers almost the same service, but for free, while also having their own subscription plan. While the free version does exist, you may want to consider paying for the subscription plan. You get to use the app on up to five devices and with unlimited envelopes, too. Otherwise, you’re only limited to just twenty–which is still quite a few!

6. Mint (Popular Budget App For Couples!)

Mint is a popular app for tracking money, which is no surprise considering it’s been around for over ten years. What you may not know about the app is that you can sync all your bank accounts with the app. This lets you make as many spending categories as you like.

It’s the #1 most downloaded personal finance app of all time, and you can install it for completely free, too!

7. Zeta

Some couples aren’t completely ready to disclose all of their finances–and that’s fine! The Zeta app is a free app designed with this idea in mind. When using the app, you can choose what information you’re willing to share with your partner about your finances. Once you’re ready to share, even more, you can open a joint account for both of you to use!

8. PocketGuard

Want a budget app for couples that won’t just track your expenses but your progress towards financial goals as well? PocketGuard has you covered. This free app automatically builds your budget for you based on your income, bills, and financial goals. With this app, both you and your partner can track your progress with your financial plan!

Many couples aim to one day buy a house. If living the American dream is your goal, you should check out my financial guide to homeownership. 

7 Categories to Track on your Budget App for Couples

Once you’ve picked out a budget app for couples, you should fill it out with the essential categories. Here’s what I recommend you start tracking ASAP:

Food (Essential Item To Include In Budget App For Couples)

If you and your partner live under the same roof, it’s important to track your food expenses. Remember that your UberEats orders also fall under this category!


When sharing a leisure budget, make sure that you and your partner are okay with one another’s purchases. You may not be okay with your significant other buying yet another pair of Jordans.


While usually, I would put this under ‘Leisure,’ you should also track how much money you’re spending on dates. Tracking will let you know when you’re enjoying a little too much, or if you could let loose a little.


You and your partner should also do your research together when it comes to investments. It helps to have a second opinion before dumping thousands of dollars on GME stock.


If you and your partner live together, it makes sense to track the bills well. Make sure to track your water, electricity, internet, rent, and other bills separately. 

Financial Goals

The healthiest couples make their long-term financial goals clear to each other. Whether it’s a car, a house, or a child’s college fund, you should track your shared financial dreams.

Emergency Fund

A shared emergency fund for both of you is also something you should track on your budget app for couples. This is money dedicated to emergencies and should not be touched under any circumstances outside of them.

Picking the best budget app for couples is a challenge since so many options are available. However, what matters most is that you start being transparent with your partner about your finances as soon as possible. Whether it’s with one of these apps or not, transparency always helps.

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