Restrict or compromise your lifestyle to see results

Make a 6-figure income to achieve financial independence

Wait multiple decades to create a million-dollar investment profile (it can take as little as 10 years with proper financial planning)

Use “willpower” when it comes to spending to eliminate your debt (PSA: using willpower for things you don’t enjoy doing doesn’t work!)

Despite what you’ve heard, you can accomplish financial freedom without needing to…

Remove the overwhelm of saving by challenging your scarcity mindset so you can harness your power, and encourage you to make small changes to take hold of your own prosperity.

My goal:

Empower you to dismantle your debt, build your legacy, and create generational wealth.

My mission:

To help you achieve financial independence and reshape your beliefs about wealth building.

My purpose:

Let’s build generations of powerful women who are equipped with the tools and confidence they need to achieve their dream lifestyle and live free from financial burdens.

It’s time to change that, sis.

Did you know the number one reason women don’t invest is a lack of confidence?

Now, it's my passion to teach other women of color who experience a similar story — wanting to get out of debt but haven't found an approach that feels safe or resonates with their financial situation.


After 20 months, I eliminated $169,000 of my debt and created a multi-6-figure investment portfolio at the same time.


In 2018, I created my debt elimination plan (what became my 5-step framework, Wealth Building Hierarchy) and first budget after completing a 9-week financial coaching course.


Something clicked in me. I was exhausted from living paycheck to paycheck, so in December 2017, I committed to changing my financial situation and not being a victim of my consumer debt anymore.


Every day, I meet professional, ambitious, high-achieving women who struggle silently with their finances. They reach out to me for help but are still nervous to admit their difficulty with money because of fear of judgment and fear of admitting it out loud.⁣

I get it.⁣

When I was in over $200,000 in debt, I was also ashamed and felt guilty that I created a financial hole for myself — especially since I worked in the financial industry. The judge in my mind was telling me that I was doomed to this life of struggling with debt and that this was just a reality for someone like me.

My money story

Most people struggle with limiting beliefs, overwhelming debt, and spending money on things that provide us temporary happiness.⁣ You are not alone in this.

What's helped me the most was:⁣

  • Believing I could become financially secure ⁣
  • Believing I was worthy ⁣

Normalizing your limiting beliefs can help reframe your mindset so that you can focus on how to become the woman you want to be instead of the woman you were yesterday. ⁣

I’ve been in the financial services industry for 15+ years and a personal finance coach for 6+ years helping ambitious women of all backgrounds develop their financial plans to build wealth. 

I hope I get to watch you flourish in your money story next!

What I know to be true

Many of my clients come to me confused because of mixed messaging, so we’ll work together to cut through the noise and work towards your goals with a realistic lens. My no-nonsense approach will help you take the strategies I teach and apply them to your life in a practical, accessible, and achievable way. 

I will always be 100% real with you

Consistency isn’t just one of the keys to eliminating debt and building your savings. It’s also crucial for helping you believe in yourself and for developing confidence around money.

Consistency creates wealth in more ways than one

I know everyone learns differently, so I offer empowering education so you start making changes in the ways that resonate with you the most. No matter the route you choose, you’ll learn how to make impactful changes that lead to long-term prosperity.

I’m committed to your financial success

A word on my values

This is the year that you become unstoppable.

When you save money, money saves you.